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“When I do things

with Our House,

I feel like people want me there…

when I talk about myself

my problems,

it feels like they really listen.

Things get done instead of just always talking, or doing nothing to help.”

D.H., our house youth

Developing Permanent Connections
The presence of a strong emotional connection is associated with stronger feelings of self-worth, as well as reduced levels of emotional and behavioral problems. Our programs and activities are designed to help foster those important connections. The bond that forms between the youth and the supportive peers and adults around him/her is at the heart of our mentoring process, but we also include opportunities to develop ties and support through our annual camp, Second Saturday gatherings, and annual BBQ.

Our Community Service Program also provides Our House youth with community service opportunities to make a positive impact through local volunteerism, all while developing new skills and friendships. We distributed bottled water to Flint residents providing a rewarding and eye-opening experience for our youth. Similar activities happen throughout each year and are guided by our Youth Advisory Board.

Annual BBQ

Many thanks to our friends and supporters, Dan and Marianne Clauw -- they've been with us from the very beginning in so many ways! Along with being some of our biggest fans, the Clauws open their home to Our House each summer for our annual BBQ. Our participants, staff, and board members have an afternoon of fun-in-the-sun that starts with Dan's amazing array of BBQ'd meats and ends with a boat ride and tubing on the lake. This is often a new adventure for many of our participants and one they treasure and look forward to each year.

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