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FACT: About 1 in 5 former foster care youth were homeless for one or more nights within a year after leaving foster care.

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housing support

We believe that housing instability and homelessness among foster youth is a central issue in the health, well-being, and achievement potential of these teens and young adults. Recognizing that foster care alumni have varying independent living needs, Our House's Supportive Housing Initiative offers a continuum of housing support services. These interventions help youth avoid homelessness and unsafe, negative living arrangements. 

Something BIG
Is Happening!
This program is geared toward foster alumni who already have an apartment or college dorm yet are in need of assistance to mitigate the financial burden of independent living. Participants must have a current lease and be employed and/or in school. After launching the Housing Scholarships program a year ago, we've seen scholars show how housing stability, combined with the social support and mentorship that we provide, can make a tremendous difference in terms of health and life outcomes. We have seen our scholars build new relationships, take financial planning classes, enroll in school, and obtain driver's licenses.
Often foster alumni do not have the resources to find an apartment and sign a lease on their own. For some they may not have the financial resources to pay the security deposit, and for others they may not have a relative who is willing to co- sign a lease with them. And, still for others, they may lack the maturity or confidence to live on their own. The Launch Pad program is geared for these youth and young adults.
We're very excited to announce the expansion of our LAUNCH PAD program!
With support from our community and donors, we've secured a house where all LAUNCH PAD participants will have a home and community.
Our on-site resident manager will manage the day-to-day operations of the home, guide residents in understanding and applying basic life management skills, and create a safe, nurturing and organized environment for all residents.

​"I have had several students

just this past semester who have

had to sleep in their cars, stayed at the

shelter or bounced around from couch to couch.

The housing scholarships you guys have provided are a tremendous resource and I look forward to hearing how Our House may further develop this concept. Keep up the amazing work!​"

Kathy Stewart, LMSW

Washtenaw Community College

Campus Coach


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