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the mosaic program

MOSAIC offers the

only state-licensed independent-living residence & program

for foster care youth, ages 16-19, in

Washtenaw County

After working toward it for 9 years and with the help of so many fans and supporters, we’ve realized our goal of providing a suite of supports for Washtenaw County youth experiencing foster care. Our new program, MOSAIC, offers the only state-licensed independent-living residence & program for foster care youth in Washtenaw County, allowing our residents to remain in their community, with
friends and family instead of relocating out-of-county. In
addition, residents will participate in the full complement
of Our House programming (e.g. life skills training,
community service, 2nd Saturday events) and are
guaranteed a mentor. 
how is mosaic different?
MOSAIC is designed to help residents feel both cared for AND cared about. They matter.
The house, itself, is intended to feel like a home, not an institution. Residents have their own room they can decorate, providing privacy and a sense of ownership and permanence.
Staff’s role is aligned with the vision of Our House, to support each participant in their self-determined goals, encourage and coach them through life’s challenges, and create a safe and welcoming environment.

​"Solving the  problems created

by the foster care experience is

neither easy nor inexpensive. Efficacy costs a little more. With your help, we'll make a difference one amazing young person at a time."

natasha doan-motsinger

our house

executive director

We first needed to freshen it up with a new coat of paint!
Many Our House participants are about to or have already aged out of the foster care system. MOSAIC provides us with the opportunity to reach youth while they are still in foster care and intervene at an earlier point in their growth and development, interrupting the patterns of learned dependency, and filling the voids left by the lack of a stable, consistent support system.
Without early and intentional intervention by programs like MOSAIC, foster care youth run the risk of being added to the dismal statistics of incarceration, unemployment, low graduation rates, increased hospitalizations, and generational poverty. Our House’s philosophy is to teach young people to do for themselves, not do for them. We expose them to ideas and teach them how to use available resources, build their skills, and create a trustworthy support system. This results in better neighbors, employees, and members of society. 
So many have helped in so many ways...
Corner Health for supplies

Laurita Thomas for providing lunch while we painted

Kat McKowell who has coordinated, shopped, and painted

Laura Roth and HouseN2Home for providing furniture, moving assistance, and house set-up

Al Smith for painting

Jennifer Monahan and Sam and Renecia

Jeff Stefforia and family

Matt Bellamy

Steve Vincen

Bryan Roby

Reid and Shantinia

Jason Herter, Aaron Miller and youth from the Washtenaw Trial Court Juvenile Division for painting

Alexis and Ashley for helping us move furniture

Dorene Markel and the Priebes for furniture donations

Ed Goldman and Gini Harmon for painting

Our incredible staff



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