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Our House is building a unique, integrated model to support youth typically lacking the experience of growing up with significant adults in their lives. Through individual and group mentoring, life skills training, camp retreats, employment training, and supportive housing options, Our House builds upon each component to help assure successful outcomes as youth transition to adulthood.

Participation in Our House programming is free and voluntary. Our vision is that participants become successful, self-sufficient and can live independently with confidence.  

Be sure to check out Our House’s four areas of focus on our website: Education, Employment, Housing and Community.
In this episode of the Aging Out Institutes Podcast Series, “Preparing Foster Youth for Adulting”, Natasha and Alyssa talk with AOI's Founder, Lynn Tonini, about the variety of services that Our House provides to help prepare youth in foster care for independence.
What if there is no home?
What if there is no college because you dropped out of the seventh high school you attended after that many foster home placements?
What if you’re so sick of the “system” you’d rather live on the streets than use resources for foster alumni?
What if your only community is a gang?
Aging Out Institute Podcast - Our House
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